DC2017: 7 Questions for Dr. Erin Crotty

The upcoming DC2017 conference in Washington, D.C., is packed with great educational content and world-class presenters. Here we pose 7 questions to one of the featured speakers:

1. What’s your name and the name of your presentation?

Erin Crotty is founder and director of BloomStra Consulting based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My presentation is “Networking Savvy: How to Become a Master Relationship Builder,” available under the Practice Management track.

2. What makes you an authority on this subject?

After 14 years working as a lawyer and law firm manager–where I advised and mentored clients, lawyers, law students and employees on appropriate interaction and behavior in business situations and the workplace–I was ready for a change. I trained through the Protocol School of Washington, the Conselle Institute of Image Management, and Pro-Active Business Leadership. I am now a certified executive coach and business etiquette, protocol and image management expert. I founded BloomStra Consulting in 2011. My clients include chiropractors and their healthcare teams. I have also presented to local, national and international chiropractic associations, including the Ontario Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Association.

3. Why should doctors of chiropractic be interested in learning more about your topic?

Doctors of chiropractic are not only practitioners helping their patients live healthier and more productive lives; they are also business people responsible for the management of their practice, their clinic, their staff and their bottom line. The more successful they are, the more people they can help and be of service to.

In today’s highly competitive business arena, it is vital that you are able to conduct yourself with confidence and poise during a networking event to ensure that you enhance your professional presence, project a professional image and always leave a positive first and lasting impression. When you do, it opens the door to building powerful, productive and prosperous business relationships.

4. How can the information you share in your presentation directly help chiropractors in practice?

The information shared in this program will help chiropractors in practice learn how to enhance their people skills, increase their confidence and credibility, distinguish themselves in any business or social situation and ultimately “outclass the competition” in order to grow themselves, their practices, their people and their profits.

5. What about you or your presentation may surprise people?

That networking can be fun!

6. What’s one thing you learned during your career that you wished you would have known at the beginning?

I don’t have to take things personally.

7. What book should every chiropractor read, and why?

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, The Power of Intention. We are all born with a unique set of skills, talents and gifts to offer the world. It is up to us to live our best lives, be our best selves, be kind to ourselves and others, and live passionately and with purpose. It is intended for us…it is up to us to live that intention.


To learn more about the wide variety of education programs and speakers featured at DC2017 in March, visit www.DC2017.org.

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