ACA: The Media’s First Choice for Information

Notable media outlets contact the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) for information about chiropractic and to set up interviews on a variety of topics with ACA’s team of media spokespersons. Read a selection of articles below:

Healthline: “Can Chiropractic Care Help Relieve Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis?”

This article from Healthline explores whether chiropractic care is recommended to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), when to avoid it, and how to find a chiropractor near you to help you find some relief. Click here to read the full article.

Visit our ACA page, to search for a chiropractor near you by zip code.

The Spruce: “The Best Back Massagers to Help Relieve Pain, According to Our Testers”

This guide from The Spruce about the best back massagers for pain relief features advice from ACA spokesperson Robert Hayden, DC. The Spruce’s product testers recommend nine back massagers in different categories, and Dr. Hayden gives his suggestions about what to look for in a back massager for different conditions and needs. Click here to read the full article.

Self: “What Happens When You Crack Your Back?”

“It sounds like a painful pastime, but cracking your back can feel really good, whether it’s the first thing you do when hopping out of bed or you use it as a stress reliever after a long day at your desk. You’ve probably been doing it for years, but have you ever stopped to think, ‘What happens when you crack your back?'” In this articleSelf explore what happens when you crack your back, how to do so safely, chiropractic adjustments and more.

U.S. News & World Report: “Best Mattresses for Back Pain of 2022”

Attempting to get restful sleep while dealing with back pain can be a challenge, especially if you’re waking up in more pain than you were in when you went to bed thanks to an uncomfortable mattress. ACA spokesperson Robert Hayden, DC, PhD, contributed to this U.S. News & World Report article, “Best Mattresses for Back Pain of 2022“. “Mattresses need to be comfortable against your skin and supportive of your skeleton,” Dr. Hayden says. “If you can get that combination, that is the mattress for you.” Learn how a good mattress can help prevent back pain and find out which mattress might be right for you in 2022.

Mediaplanet: “Workplace Ergonomics Is About More Than Physical Health”

Using proper ergonomics in our workspaces and getting enough movement have an impact on both our physical and mental health. In this article, which appeared in a USA Today/Mediaplanet campaign called “Modern Wellness Guide,” ACA media spokesperson Dr. Scott Bautch discusses what happens when we don’t move enough. “Our body really craves a certain amount of movement every day. And when it’s not moving, it defaults to thinking that something’s wrong in the world. As you move, your brain feels safer.”

Very Well Health: “The 8 Best Body Pillows for 2021”

Body pillows can provide great support as we sleep. In this article on Very Well Health, ACA media spokesperson Dr. Robert Hayden offers his advice on how to choose the right one. “Just be sure it is stout enough to be effective,” he says. “Give it a squeeze to see that it is fairly firm so that it will hold your body in a good position.”

National Safety Council: “Yardwork Done Safely”

This article in Family Safety and Health, a publication of the National Safety Council, features ACA’s yardwork safety tips. “The American Chiropractic Association says homeowners need to take care to prevent back injuries, neck strain and shoulder pain while cleaning up the yard. ‘Just as playing football or golf can injure your body, the twisting, turning, bending, and reaching of mowing and raking can also cause injury if your body is unprepared.’” “Tips on Improving Your Posture at Home — Q&A with the Experts”

In this article, ACA shares its tips on avoiding musculoskeletal pain while working from home—something that many people have had to get used to over the past year. “Getting enough movement throughout the day and maintaining proper ergonomics has been especially challenging for many people who are working remotely because of the pandemic.” “How to Pick the Best Posture Bra for You”

Can the right bra improve a woman’s posture? ACA media spokesperson Dr. Karen Erickson tackles that question in this article on “Posture bras have a broad back with criss-cross elastic [bands sewn into the material] to help pull the shoulders back and retract the shoulder blades,” says Dr. Erickson. “When you wear them and round forward, the elastic will pull, reminding you to resume erect posture.”

ACA Featured in Media Planet/USA Today Campaign

ACA collaborated in 2020 with Mediaplanet on itsBone & Joint Wellness” campaign, which was estimated to reach 10 million readers. The campaign—which ­­­was featured in USA Today and online—encourages people with arthritis, spine disorders, chronic pain, and other serious musculoskeletal conditions to focus on their health during the COVID-19 pandemic and includes tips and resources from ACA and other groups. Visit the campaign online  to see ACA’s article, “Maintaining Good Posture While Working from Home.”

ACA’s Ergonomic Tips, Survey Featured in Wall Street Journal

ACA assisted Wall Street Journal reporter Aaron Zitner on an article (subscription required) in 2020 about the toll working at home is taking on many Americans’ musculoskeletal systems. As part of that story, ACA conducted a survey on its Facebook page and found that more than 90 percent of respondents said they had in fact noticed an increase in aches and pains among patients and others working at home during the pandemic. The survey received added visibility this weekend when it was included in a Wall Street Journal Radio segment syndicated to more than 100 radio stations.

ACA Featured in New York Times Article

The issue of work-from-home injuries has gained attention as the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, and the American Chiropractic Association has become a trusted source of information on this trend for the media. Most recently, the New York Times contacted ACA, resulting in an article published on Sept. 4 that features interviews with three ACA members and highlights a Facebook poll that ACA conducted in April. To read the article, click here.