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Your VOICE is powerful — because you live and vote in your legislator’s district, and it’s the job of your lawmakers to represent you. But they can’t effectively represent your interests unless you make your voice heard and communicate with them around the issues you care about. Your elected representatives pay close attention to grassroots points of view expressed by their constituents, and take those views into account when the final votes are cast.

That’s why YOU, as an informed and active constituent, can play the most important role of all in shaping legislation. Choose to make a difference for the chiropractic profession and patients today by becoming an active participant with others in policy making.

Legislative Action Center

Add your name to the cause by contacting Congress in support of coverage of chiropractic care in Medicare.

Key Contacts

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State Affiliate Program

ACA’s State Affiliate Program is a way for state chiropractic organizations to work collaboratively with ACA to share thoughts and ideas for the collective advancement of the chiropractic profession.

Advocate’s Guide to Legislative Engagement


As doctors of chiropractic, you are well versed in advocating for your patients and empowering them to live healthy and happy lives. The same skills used in practice can easily be applied to educating policymakers and the public on the chiropractic profession.

Members of Congress want to hear from constituents about important issues in their districts and states. You are already an expert in your field.

This short guide is intended to assist you in becoming an ACA advocate, a critical partner in advancing the chiropractic profession on behalf of your patients. ACA is here to help you on this journey and is available to answer any questions along the way.