NextGen: Membership for Early Practitioners

What is NextGen?

Any ACA member who graduated and began practicing within the past five years is automatically included in the NextGen community, in addition to enjoying all other ACA member benefits.

As a member of NextGen you can:

  • Seek advice from 2,500 emerging professionals on the unique issues you face.
  • Spark discussion and get real-time guidance on NextGen’s online forum on MyACA.
  • Pursue volunteer and leadership opportunities at the national stage with NextGen’s programmatic committees.
  • Take part in regional events with your peers.
  • Attend the annual NextGen Summit designed specifically to engage early-career practitioners.

NextGen Benefits Flyer (PDF)

Pre-Paid Membership

The transition from SACA to NextGen has never been easier.
Here’s how it works: When you renew your ACA membership online, select “New Practitioner Prepaid Membership.”

Pay a one-time fee of $660 or $55 per month for 12 months and in return you will receive up to FIVE YEARS of free membership!

SACA Members receive one free year after graduation OR they can take advantage of the New Practitioner Prepaid Plan and receive FIVE years of ACA membership at a 50% discount!