DC2017: 7 Questions for Dr. Francis Murphy

The upcoming DC2017 conference in Washington, D.C., is packed with great educational content and world-class presenters. Here we pose 7 questions to one of the featured speakers:

1. What’s your name and the name of your presentation?

My name is Francis X. Murphy, DC. My lecture is named “The Polyvagel Effect — The Why and How Chiropractic Works,” available under the Technique track.

2. What makes you an authority on this subject?

I made a discovery in May 2006 that ultimately led to the causation of frozen shoulder syndrome. My work was highlighted in the film “Doctored.” My study was published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine in 2012. The same area of study has revealed secrets about the global function of the human frame and specifically how chiropractic is positioned to take the roll as the gatekeeper to health care. I have written two instructional manuals for physician-training purposes. In our presentations, we bring stunning video of instantaneous clinical changes to patients immediately following specific chiropractic adjustments.

3. Why should doctors of chiropractic be interested in learning more about your topic?

Understanding this new concept revolutionizes the priorities of health care as a whole. These concepts build a sound and rational reason to prioritize patient care and education in an ultra-specific way that makes sense.

4. How can the information you share in your presentation directly help chiropractors in practice?

Information gives the patient and doctor more options. Reasonable people inherently gravitate to the reliable effectiveness of care and care plans.

5. What about you or your presentation may surprise people?

This system was hiding in plain site.

6. What’s one thing you learned during your career that you wished you would have known at the beginning?

The whole way health care was moving generally.

7. What book should every chiropractor read, and why?

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Becoming great at anything is not an accident. Learn more; read this book.


To learn more about the wide variety of education programs and speakers featured at DC2017 in March, visit www.DC2017.org.

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