Q&A with Engage 2020 Presenters: Dr. Gerald Stevens

ACA’s annual meeting becomes ACA Engage in 2020. The new name is part of the association’s ongoing efforts to engage a new generation of chiropractors and position all members for success by bringing them advocacy and leadership-development opportunities, networking events and cutting-edge education programs (many of which feature CE credits).

One of Engage 2020’s education program presenters is Gerald Stevens DC, MS, MPH, an associate professor at New York Chiropractic College. His presentation: “Enhancing Cultural Competence to Communicate Chiropractic’s Value to Diverse Populations” will take place at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 31. For complete conference information and schedules, click here.  Learn more about Dr. Stevens’ presentation in our Q&A with him below:

How is the topic you are presenting relevant to today’s chiropractor?

The population of the United States is becoming more diverse. My presentation will enhance a chiropractor’s ability to communicate and manage patients of various cultures to help build their practice.

How can knowing more about your topic help chiropractors be successful now…and into the future?

Enhancing communication with various cultures could open up a new population to grow your practice. Accommodations made to a practice for various cultures will make them more comfortable and more likely to come to your practice.

Who should attend your presentation and why?

Field doctors, chiropractic assistants and anyone who interacts with patients should attend. Practice tips provided in the presentation will enhance communication and improve patient management.

What practical knowledge or skills can attendees expect to take away from your presentation?

My presentation will include tips to enhance communication and avoid accidentally offending patients of various cultures. You can make patients more comfortable if you have knowledge of their cultural health beliefs. Happy patients will be more likely to return and refer others in their communities.

What’s one piece of information or advice that you want to leave with chiropractors who read this?

Enhancing cultural competence will make you aware of barriers, health beliefs and enhance your communication with various cultures, which will in turn help your practice to be more vibrant in the future.

To learn more about education offerings and CE credits available at Engage 2020 (formerly NCLC) and to register, visit www.acatoday.org/engage.