Is the Bridge Built? We Sure Think It Is!

The 14th Annual SACA Leadership Conference (LC) was held at Logan University in Chesterfield Mo., Sept. 29 through Oct. 1. The theme for this extraordinary event was “Building Bridges Through Leadership.”

Attendance was at an all-time high with 107 students and 28 additional guests, including sponsors and speakers. There was representation present from 17 different chiropractic schools, including our friends north of the border from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) and the newly established Keiser University in Florida.

Each day of the conference was highlighted by a different theme surrounding connections that can be made within the organization, with other health care professionals and with the public. Each day featured a host of speakers from diverse backgrounds within chiropractic at various stages in their career.

“I was especially grateful and incredibly inspired by all of the powerful female doctors who are changing our profession!” said SACA National Vice Chair Jenny Razey, a student at National University of Health Sciences (Illinois).

SACA National Chair Andrea Ohmann, a student at Northwestern Health Sciences University, had a similar response to the weekend: “My passion for the chiropractic community is ignited after spending three days with dedicated and intelligent doctors and students who are driven toward patient-centered care!”

The resounding take-home message for students this year was the importance of continued involvement. “My favorite part by far about LC are the feelings you have afterward: Inspired. Dedicated. Hopeful. Inspired about the potential of the profession. Dedicated to succeeding. Hopeful about the future,” said Alex Provost, a student at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

As a community, SACA is thrilled to be a part of the direction that ACA is taking.

Students left the conference with a deeper understanding of the importance of continued involvement in ACA and a better grasp of the association’s new direction. The new ACA brand was not only accepted by all students, but a source of rejoicing among them. SACA advisors—including ACA Board of Governors member Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, Heidi Henson, DC, ACA Board of Governors Chair RayTuck, DC, and ACA staff members Lori Hall and Jane Zaretskie—helped to ceremoniously pin all SACA/ACA members in attendance, showing unity.

Thanks to this conference, we will continue to research how best to serve our patients and to integrate the profession more and more with each connection that we make along the way. SACA fully understands the importance of keeping the brand alive in every venture we take and is excited to lead the way into the future of chiropractic with ACA/SACA. Students anxiously await the next opportunity to network at the National Chiropractic Legislative Conference next year!

(SACA Leadership Conference Award Dinner sponsored by NBCE – (Pictured L-R): Dr. Michele Maiers – ACA Board of Governors and SACA Advisor, Jennifer Razey – SACA Member of the Year – Student, National University of Health Sciences Illinois and 2007/2008 SACA National Vice Chair, Ryan Burdick – Outstanding Service Award – SACA Chapter President, Cleveland Chiropractic College, Catherine Wonders – Excellence in Leadership Award – Chapter President, National University Health Sciences Florida, Lori Hall – ACA staff liaison to SACA, and Dr. Heidi Henson – ACA Alternate Delegate -Oregon, SACA Committee Chair)

This blog post was compiled by SACA members Nichole Cavins, Logan University, Andrea Ohmann, Northwestern Health Sciences University, Jenny Razey, National University of Health Sciences (Illinois) and Catie Wonders, National University of Health Sciences (Florida). To learn more about SACA, click here.