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CPT® 97012, Mechanical Traction/Spinalator
CPT® 97010 Hot/Cold Packs

00640 Anesthesia for Manipulation of the Spine or for Closed Procedure on the Cervical, Thoracic or Lumbar Spine

22505 Manipulation of the Spine Requiring Anesthesia, Any Region

29000 Body and Upper Extremity-Casts

29105 Body and Upper Extremity Splints

29200 Body and Upper Extremity Strapping-Any Age

29305 Lower Extremity Casts

29505 Lower Extremity Splints

29520 Lower Extremity Strapping-Any Age

29700 Removal/Repair of Casts

72010 Radiologic examination, spine, entire, survey study, anteroposterior and lateral

73020 Shoulder X-Rays

73070 Radiologic examination, elbow; two views

73100 Wrist X-Rays

73120 Hand X-rays

73500 Hip X-Rays

73560 Knee X-Rays

73600 Ankle X-Rays

73620 Foot X-Rays

9090 Vertebral Axial Decompression, Per Session

95831 Muscle testing, manual (separate procedure) with report, extremity (excluding hand) or trunk

95832 Muscle Testing, manual (separate procedure) with report; hand, with or without comparison with normal side

95833 Muscle testing, manual (separate procedure) with report; total evaluation of body, excluding hands