Practice Resources

ACA has created and collected a wealth of valuable and time-saving resources, all of which are yours as an ACA member. Among the resources are coding clarifications, issue briefs, customizable clinic forms and more. Scroll down to see all the information and tools we’ve developed for you.

ACA advocates for appropriate coverage of chiropractic services that have significant importance to the membership at large. ACA opposes restrictive practice guidelines that oversimplify the process of individual patient management and abrogate the professional judgments that are often only possible within the private boundaries of a direct patient-doctor relationship.

ACA Practice Resources are developed to provide information to the membership on topics of interest related to coding, reimbursement, coverage and practice management. New resources are published on a regular basis to inform members of various practice management matters.

In cases of coverage disputes, ACA is unable to respond to specific inquiries or intervene on our members’ behalf. Individual insurance companies’ policies vary, and ACA encourages providers to carefully review their contract with the insurance company and their guidelines prior to submitting a claim so as to understand any restrictions or discrepancies. However, ACA maintains that patient management decisions should be made for sound clinical reasons with a mindful appreciation of the cost implications of care and that doctors should avoid overutilization of services for financial benefit.

ACA Member Advantage

Access a wide range of discounts and special member-only savings on the most reliable and relevant products and services, including marketing and management services, clinic and office supplies, competitive travel discounts and computers.

Coding & Documentation

Through representatives to the AMA CPT® and RUC coding process, ACA advocates on behalf of the chiropractic profession for equitable coding and documentation policies; and develops resources that cover a wide variety of topics and issues.

Compliance & Contracts

Turn here for information on HIPAA, managed care, informed consent, and PPACA.

Medicare Documentation

We untangle the Medicare web with resources and the latest information on billing, coding, documentation, audits and much more.


ACA’s official position on Low Back Pain Guidelines and Chiropractic Scope of Practice

Marketing Resources

ACA provides infographics, fact sheets for patients, office art and more to help inform the public about the benefits of chiropractic care.

Anti-Trust and Fees

ACA often receives concerns from providers regarding reduced fees or fee schedule changes implemented by insurers. ACA is a nonprofit professional association and vigilantly follows anti-trust regulations, which forbid discussion or organization about fees and pricing information between providers and other groups.