Your Headshot: Worth a Thousand Searches

Today we hear a lot about sharing – on social media, in chat rooms, at networking events, etc. For American Chiropractic Association (ACA) members, sharing is also a good thing to do in your ACA online profile. The more the better, in fact! By adding additional features and information to your profile – especially a headshot – you can make your listing standout and more likely to attract new patients.

“ACA’s online profiles are searched more than 1,000 times a month,” said Jane Zaretskie, ACA vice president of marketing and membership services. “The profiles give members the opportunity to tell the public more about themselves and the care they provide. This is invaluable information for someone who has a specific complaint and is looking for a chiropractor who can resolve it.”

Zaretskie points out that one of the first and most important (and easy) ways to enhance your member profile is to upload a photograph of yourself. As people scroll through the Find Your ACA Doctor listings, it’s very easy to see who stands out: the doctors who include a headshot.

“It’s been proven true over and over that content rich in visual elements, particularly images, gets more likes and shares in the online world,” writes Vivek Patel on

Consider, too, the popularity of social platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, which are dominated by images, as well as the culture’s ongoing obsession with selfies. Articles on enhancing click rates all agree that images can exponentially increase engagement.

Along with a headshot, providing additional information about the services you provide can also give you an edge when potential patients search the ACA’s doctor listings. When you log into your profile, you are prompted to choose from a long list of techniques you use as well as conditions you treat. These selections are then stored in your profile and listed in your member profile under “Show Details.”

Help potential chiropractic patients find the care they need by pointing them to the right doctor through images and information. It only takes a few minutes to enhance your online ACA profile and make it more effective at marketing your services. Questions? ACA staff are always ready to help; simply email [email protected] or call (703) 276-8800.