Virtual Lobby Day Yields More Cosponsors for Medicare Bill, But Much Work Remains

The ACA’s second Virtual Day on the Hill was again a success as 272 attendees participated in a total of 175 meetings. To date, five additional House members have cosponsored H.R. 2654, the Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act, as a result of our lobby day efforts. We expect more to come onboard in the coming weeks.

While the enthusiasm and activism on display during the virtual lobby day was indeed impressive, important work remains as we continue to press for increased support for H.R. 2654 and a companion Senate bill.  Most vital is the follow-up.  While a lot of good will and conversation was established during Virtual Day on the Hill, it is vital that participants follow up with congressional members and staff they met with during the event.  This goes a long way in “keeping their feet to the fire.”

Additionally, if you did follow up but haven’t heard back from individuals you met with, forward the email you originally sent, and tell them you “really look forward to hearing from them.”  Below is a great example of a follow-up email, courtesy of Dr. Jodi Dorpinghaus:



Thank you for taking the time to meet with members of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) during our Virtual Lobby Day. As we noted during the meeting, we hope your office will cosponsor the Senate companion bill for H.R. 2654 that may be introduced within the next few weeks. This measure will allow chiropractors to provide Medicare beneficiaries with their entire range of services covered by Medicare and allowed under the chiropractor’s state licensure.

 You had mentioned you would love to see details of the potential bill and do your due diligence before it is dropped.  I have copied John Falardeau, ACA senior vice president of public policy and advocacy, into this email.  He would be happy to assist you in finding the information you are looking for! 

 If you have any questions, please contact John Falardeau ([email protected]) or Steve Kline ([email protected]) in the ACA Government Relations office.  Again, we greatly appreciate your time, and we hope you will cosponsor this important bill for Medicare patients and the chiropractic community.  


Jodi Dorpinghaus, DC, CCSP
MN Delegate
American Chiropractic Association 


The above email example can also be sent to congressional members and staff following any meetings you may have throughout the year.  ACA still recommends reaching out to your federal legislator’s district office staff to request an in-person or virtual meeting.  Legislators are much more accessible during recess periods than at any other time of the year.  Please let ACA staff know, by emailing [email protected], if you talk to your representative about H.R. 2654 at a public forum or at their local office this summer.  A detailed “how to” primer on setting up a congressional visit in your area can be found here.

I want to conclude by thanking the doctors who took time out of their clinics, as well as the students who took time away from their classrooms, to participate in ACA’s Virtual Day on the Hill.  Hopefully, we can be back together in 2023 in person on Capitol Hill to lobby for issues affecting our patients.

John Falardeau is ACA’s senior vice president of public policy and advocacy. 


Couldn’t make it to lobby day? You can still do your part!

Click here to contact Congress in support of H.R. 2654.