Q&A with NCLC 2019 Presenters: Dr. Scott Bautch

ACA’s annual meeting, the National Chiropractic Leadership Conference, brings you cutting-edge, evidence-based education sessions featuring some of the chiropractic profession’s most respected thought leaders and content experts. Many sessions also offer continuing education credits. Here we pose questions to one of the presenters: Scott D. Bautch, DC, DABCOH. His presentation is titled, “The Critical Connection: A New Paradigm for Foot-Related Pathologies.”

Q: How is the topic that you are presenting relevant to modern chiropractic practice? How will it help chiropractors be successful now, and into the future?

As chiropractors, we all need to focus our care on health-related causes, structurally and behaviorally. We need to understand the relationship between sleeping postures and sittings postures; the difference between the relationship of activity levels in comparison to tolerance distress and musculoskeletal conditions. As future chiropractors, we must globalize our approach to the treatment of each patient. The opioid crisis has brought to light that we need to do more than address each patient’s symptoms. 

Q: Are there any new developments in your specialty/topic area that make your presentation at NCLC 2019 especially relevant or timely?

There is a greater understanding of the relationship between normal functioning feet and the body’s ability to tolerate the wear and tear of normal life activities.

Q: Who should attend your presentation and why?

Anyone can attend this presentation and get something from it.  Especially anyone who provides direct musculoskeletal care to their patients or anyone who is as excited to learn the difference between the reduction of symptoms and corrective care.

Q: What practical knowledge or skills can attendees expect to take away from your presentation?

Attendees should expect to look at the relationship between musculoskeletal conditions and bio-mechanical stressors in a more global fashion.

Q: What was the best career advice you ever received?

Nobody cares about how much you know until they know how much you care. Treat the human first and the condition second.

Dr. Bautch’s presentation: “The Critical Connection: A New Paradigm for Foot-Related Pathologies” takes place at NCLC on Friday, Jan. 18, 2019, at 4:30 p.m. ET. For complete conference information and schedules, click here.