Q&A with NCLC 2019 Presenters: Dr. Elise G. Hewitt

ACA’s annual meeting, the National Chiropractic Leadership Conference, brings you cutting-edge, evidence-based education sessions featuring some of the chiropractic profession’s most respected thought leaders and content experts. Many sessions also offer continuing education credits. Here we pose questions to one of the presenters: Elise G. Hewitt, DC, DICCP, FICC, a respected expert in the field of chiropractic pediatrics. Her presentation is, “Pediatrics for the Doctor of Chiropractic: General Physical Examination for the Young Pediatric Patient including Newborn Neurological Examination.”

Q: How is the topic that you are presenting relevant to modern chiropractic practice? How will it help chiropractors be successful now, and into the future?

It’s important that doctors of chiropractic have the skills to manage all patients, not just adults with low back pain. Effective management depends on an accurate diagnosis, which stems from a thorough history and examination.  This class will provide the essential elements of a thorough physical examination for babies and young children, enabling chiropractors to accurately diagnosis and appropriately manage young pediatric patients.

Q: Are there any new developments in your specialty/topic area that make your presentation at NCLC 2019 especially relevant or timely?

There has been more research in the area of pediatric chiropractic in recent years.  From this evidence, we’re learning that chiropractic care for children has a very low incidence of adverse events.  The evidence is also showing improvements in babies with nursing dysfunction, and colic, as well as in children asthma, otitis media, and of course back pain and headaches.

Q: Who should attend your presentation and why?

Anyone who wants to feel more comfortable treating young children in their practice and anyone who wants to brush up on their diagnostic skills when it comes to this special patient population.

Q: What practical knowledge or skills can attendees expect to take away from your presentation?

Not only will this class cover general physical exam of the young pediatric patient, it will also cover the neurological examination of the newborn, including how to evaluate cranial nerve function, deep tendon reflexes, tone and primitive reflexes. And, of course, I always like to throw in some clinical pearls from my 30 years in pediatric practice.

Q: What was the best career advice you ever received?

If you put energy out there to grow your practice in the form of ethical education and outreach, your practice will grow. You may be surprised where those new patients come from–they may not come to you from those areas where you put your education and outreach efforts.  Yet the equation still holds true: “Energy out equals patients in.”

Dr. Hewitt’s presentation: “Pediatrics for the Doctor of Chiropractic: General Physical Examination for the Young Pediatric Patient including Newborn Neurological Examination” takes place at NCLC on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019, at 2 p.m. ET. For complete conference information and schedules, click here.