Q&A with Engage 2020 Presenters: Dr. James Cox

ACA’s annual meeting is now Engage 2020. The new name is part of the association’s ongoing efforts to position members for success by bringing them advocacy and leadership-development opportunities, networking events and cutting-edge education programs.

One of Engage 2020’s education program presenters is James Cox, DC, DACBR, the developer of Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction Manipulation. His presentation, “Translational Research on Cervical Spine Treatment Using Cox® Distraction Protocols: Basic Science to Clinical Science,” will focus on the findings of a National Institutes of Health federally funded study. It takes place Thursday, Jan. 30, at 1 p.m. For complete conference information and schedules, click here, and learn more about Dr. Cox’s presentation in our Q&A with him below:

How is your topic relevant to today’s chiropractor?

Optimal clinical outcomes are the goal of the chiropractic profession and its practitioners. Understanding the patient response to various force applications during distraction spine manipulation for neck and radicular pain aligns the practicing doctor of chiropractic with optimal clinical response.

How can knowing more about this topic help chiropractors be successful now and into the future?

Spine manipulation is studied by several branches of medicine today. Chiropractic will maintain and sustain leadership in spine manipulation benefits by demonstrating excellent clinical benefits now and into the future. This study sets a standard for cervical spine understanding of the spine changes found when distraction manipulation is given and the comparative clinical outcomes it provides. The presentation aims to help participants:

  • translate new knowledge of basic science biomechanics and clinical application of force delivery during Cox® distraction manipulation.
  • view optimal research‐documented force application during spinal manipulation and reproduce those forces in clinical practice.
  • recognize cervical spine related (neck, upper thoracic and upper extremity) conditions for which these forces are applicable.

Who should attend your presentation and why?

Practicing chiropractors, chiropractic students, new practitioners, and other chiropractic personnel.

What practical knowledge or skills can attendees expect to take away from your presentation?

Participants will gain knowledge of the changes in spinal biomechanics as Cox® distraction spinal manipulation is administered as well as the spine changes brought about with differing distraction manipulation forces—i.e., 0‐4 pounds, 4‐11 pounds and 11‐22 pounds—and the resultant clinical patient reactions.  Attendees’ clinical outcomes will be improved by knowing biomechanical spine change and patient response to differing manipulation forces. This is the ultimate goal of our study.

What is one piece of information or advice that you want to leave with chiropractors who read this?

The future of chiropractic medicine is bright. It depends upon continued study and research to develop superior clinical outcomes via the vehicle of spine care. We are only beginning to understand and expand our contribution to medicine.

To learn more about education offerings and CE credits available at Engage 2020 (formerly NCLC) and to register, visit www.acatoday.org/engage.