Dr. Paul Duffy: Chiropractic in the Hospital Setting

Paul Duffy, DC, is chair of the chiropractic division of LeHigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) —Coordinated Health, a division he started for Coordinated Health Systems in 1994. He has been actively involved in the growth of Coordinated Health from a multi-disciplinary musculoskeletal practice into a regional hospital-based network. Dr. Duffy is now working to integrate Coordinated Health into the larger Lehigh Valley Health Network. He sees patients in the chiropractic division as well as part of the Spine Team and Sports Medicine divisions. He is also the team chiropractor for Lehigh University as well as a consultant for Lafayette College and numerous local high schools.

At ACA Engage 2022, Dr. Duffy will present “Chiropractic in the Hospital Setting,” one of several virtual education programs available this year in addition to the annual conference’s in-person presentations. Below, ACA Blogs learns more this presenter and what doctors can expect from his Engage program.

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How is the topic you are presenting at Engage 2022 relevant to today’s chiropractor?

Chiropractic’s role in the integrated setting is increasing rapidly in today’s healthcare environment. What once was a rare opportunity is now a viable model of practice for chiropractors. The opportunity to expand chiropractic’s role and influence has never been better.

What makes you an expert in this field?

I have 27 years of experience in going from a small independent contractor in a private chiropractic practice to building an integrated musculoskeletal practice and growing this into a hospital-based network. Along the way I have opened doors to chiropractic in business, industry, schools, and sports medicine teams. I am currently working on the integration of our network into a large regional health network. By serving as a team physician, as well as Spine Team member, I have developed the skill set required to function at a high level of interdisciplinary cooperation.

Being a partner in a physician-owned hospital network has also given me knowledge in the administrative roles of an integrated practice. Working on the integration of two hospital networks gives me insight into the complexities of the administration and bureaucracy of a large hospital network.

What practical knowledge can attendees take away from your presentation and start using immediately in their practices?

Attendees will be able to navigate the process of establishing a chiropractic division in an integrated practice by understanding the basic concepts of integrated practice and models of integrated practice. Students will have a better understanding of potential practice models available to them after graduation. Practicing doctors will be able to serve their existing patients better by applying some of the basic concepts in integrated practice and having an avenue to reach more people with chiropractic care by expanding into the integrated practice model.

Can you share an anecdote from your own career to demonstrate how greater knowledge of your topic can make a difference for patient care and/or professional success?

By practicing in an integrated practice, I have been able to educate many medical physicians about chiropractic care. They now see chiropractic treatment as the front line in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. One spine surgeon in particular does not want to even see non-emergent patients unless they have had chiropractic care. He shares this opinion not only with chiropractors in the network but also private practice chiropractors in the community.

What do you enjoy about presenting educational programs?

As a practicing clinician, I can affect the lives of as many people as I can see in my practice daily. By teaching doctors and students ways that I was able to expand my chiropractic sphere to others, they can now affect more people as they expand their own practices and begin new ways of seeing patients.

Engage 2022 offers an unmatched education program, featuring 19 virtual and in-person sessions that offer high-quality, innovative presentations. A total of 21 CE credits are available. Learn more and register here.