Navigating Difficult Times

A Message from the ACA Board of Governors

As we work to live life on adjusted terms during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) continues to act as a trusted source of information and a force for change on behalf of our members, the chiropractic profession as a whole, and the public. We deeply value the support and encouragement we have received as we navigate these difficult times.

Recently, a few organizations have made false claims about our work in support of the profession. These claims include, strangely, that ACA does not support chiropractors. As the voice of the chiropractic profession, we pushed strongly to establish doctors of chiropractors as essential workers during this healthcare crisis. It was clear that the profession had a key role to play in helping to keep frontline workers on the job and to keep people in pain out of emergency rooms so that ER physicians could focus on COVID-19.

In April, ACA contacted the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) of the Department of Homeland Security requesting the addition of chiropractors to the federal list of essential healthcare providers. Shortly following pressure from ACA, CISA amended their list to include DCs as part of the essential critical infrastructure workforce. Examples of chiropractors who support the “front lines” are evident across the country, including this doctor in Hawaii.

Providing the profession with credible information as well as timely, detailed analyses of federal legislation and relief efforts has been a major focus of our efforts since the pandemic began. In the early weeks of the outbreak, we connected doctors with guidelines and recommendations, including advice from the World Federation of Chiropractic, to help them adapt, stay safe and, where possible, continue to serve their patients.

ACA is equally committed to protecting the interests of patients. In late March, we released a statement reiterating the association’s commitment to providing reliable information about chiropractic care. It directly addressed claims that spinal adjustments can boost immunity and decrease the risk of contracting COVID-19, stating, “While spinal adjustments are effective for a number of conditions, there is no quality evidence to support that they can improve immunity to COVID-19.”

At the same time, ACA has consistently and effectively established the fact that chiropractors across the country play a vital role in helping patients improve their health through their physician-level clinical practices, which includes guidance on preventing obesity, metabolic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and tips on preventing injuries. ACA has worked with major media groups such as the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post during the pandemic to provide the public with strategies to prevent injuries while working from home. Readership and media coverage of our work on our consumer website,, grows every month.

While pivoting to address the serious issues at hand, ACA continued to build support for the Chiropractic Medicare Coverage Modernization Act, or H.R. 3654. Congressional cosponsors continue to sign on to support the bill, which would allow beneficiaries to access all Medicare-covered benefits allowable under a chiropractor’s state licensure. Visit for more information and to learn how you can contact your Members of Congress in support of this important legislation.

Together, we can keep the profession moving forward.

ACA Board of Governors

Robert C. Jones, DC

Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, PhD
Vice President

Kathy Boulet, DC

Leo J. Bronston, DC

Karen Konarski-Hart, DC

Hon. Steve C. Roberts, Esq.