Engage 2020 Conference Daily: Wednesday, Jan. 29

Tomorrow’s Highlights: Thursday, Jan. 30

Schedule Update

The Faculty ACA (FACA) meeting will be held tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. in GUNSTON. The online and app schedules are up to date.

Preparations for Capitol Hill Briefing

The Engage 2020 Kickoff and Capitol Hill Briefing will be held tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the Capitol Hill Visitors Center (CVC) in the Congressional Auditorium. Arrive early to allow time for the security screening. We recommend visiting CVC’s website in advance for a list of prohibited items. (Note: Before you head to Capitol Hill tomorrow morning, stop by the Terrace Foyer at 7 a.m. for a free grab-and-go breakfast while supplies last.)

Education Sessions Included in Engage Registration

ACA’s annual meeting, ACA Engage, brings you cutting-edge, evidence-based education sessions featuring some of the chiropractic profession’s most respected thought leaders and content experts. Many sessions also offer continuing education credits. ACA strongly recommends that those attending ACA Engage take advantage of the quality education programs offered, as they are included in the price of registration. View tomorrow’s education sessions here.

A Message from the President 

It’s my pleasure to welcome everyone to ACA Engage, ACA’s annual meeting and advocacy day on Capitol Hill. This event brings together some of the most dedicated doctors and students in the industry. We are here to make a difference for our profession and, most importantly, for chiropractic patients nationwide. With the opioid epidemic still making headlines, the services of doctors of chiropractic have never been more relevant and needed in this country. We offer a safe approach to pain relief and health care that can improve the lives of many people and potentially help many others to avoid unnecessary risks. As our population ages, it’s also crucial that seniors have better access to our services to stay healthy and mobile into their golden years. Our Medicare bill, H.R. 3654, aims to make that possible. Today, we not only have research supporting what we do but also a compelling story to tell our leaders on Capitol Hill, who want to collaborate with healthcare providers and find solutions to public health challenges. You, our ACA members, are the best people to tell that story. We thank you for joining us during this important week in Washington, D.C. Together, we are paving the way to a brighter future.

Robert C. Jones, DC 

Today’s News in Brief

SACA Welcome Meeting and Awards: University of Bridgeport Wins Chapter of the Year!

SACA members gathered today for the SACA Welcome Meeting, a high-energy event that unites SACA Nation and prepares them for the ACA Engage experience. A highlight of the gathering is presentation of the SACA Annual Awards:

The Chapter of the Year Award was presented to the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic (pictured below) for its strong attention to teamwork and setting and achieving goals. After receiving the Most Improved Chapter of the Year award several times, they have continued to build on that momentum and exemplify the values of ACA.

The Most Improved Chapter of the Year Award was presented to Parker University  (pictured below) for its growth, engagement, enthusiasm and ability to overcome obstacles by coming together and showing what SACA is truly about.

Standard Process Scholarship Awards

CA corporate partner and ACA Engage sponsor Standard Process presented its annual scholarship awards to SACA members Alex Eckert, Celeste Holder, Alexis Radulic of the University of Bridgeport, and Madison Werth of Cleveland University–Kansas City. Each received a $2,500 prize in recognition of winning essays they submitted as part of the competition.