Chiropractic Faculty Members Convene at FACA Symposium

The American Chiropractic Association held its third annual Faculty Symposium last month, hosted by Keiser University in West Palm Beach, Fla. The gathering was the first in-person event that the Faculty American Chiropractic Association (FACA) has hosted, and it provided an opportunity for chiropractic faculty from around the country to gather for a day of presentations and networking.

Seven faculty experts presented throughout the day, giving attendees the opportunity to earn six continuing education credits on site. These presentations covered a range of topics, but all offered insights and techniques that FACA members can take directly back to their classrooms.

“Exceptional Faculty Symposium by the ACA at Keiser University. The astounding speaker group shared relevant clinical pearls and new research updates. The presentations were diverse, and evidence based,” noted participant Mina Mikhail, DC, CCSP, CIR.

Karen-Ann Gordon, DC, RDH, started the day off with “Brain-Body Connection: Let’s Connect the Dots,” sharing information about the connection between musculoskeletal pelvic dysfunction and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

This was followed by presentations from William Lauretti, DC, and Jennifer Illes, DC, MSACP, RN, MSN — both former FACA leaders who also functioned as the event’s MCs. Dr. Lauretti presented about teaching side-posture lumbar and pelvic adjustments, and Dr. Illes discussed foot orthotics, adjustments, and the importance of lower-extremity evaluation. “This was my favorite class,” fellow presenter James Lehman, DC, DIANM, said of Dr. Illes’ presentation. “Dr. Illes stressed the value of the flexibility of the large toe with sprinters and running athletes. It was basic advice with valuable information.”

Presenter Tatiana Habanova, DC, DACNB, discussed the ways that the foundational Pilates rehabilitative concepts can enhance chiropractic clinical outcomes in “Pilates Rehabilitation Meets Chiropractic Practice.” In his “Effects of Posture” presentation, Nathan Schilaty, DC, PhD, taught attendees about an ongoing study into the effects of posture on mental health, frailty, and physical function. “Dr. Habanova got me to sit up straight and breathe properly, and Dr. Schilaty supported Dr. Habanova’s comments with research data, which was a nice follow up,” noted Dr. Lehman, who then presented his own session about his experiences developing a full-time chiropractic residency program.

To close out the day, Geoffrey Gerow, DC, DIANM, shared “Correlative Synergy in the PI Practice through Published Case Studies.”

Throughout the day, FACA attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the presentations with their colleagues. “Gathering chiropractic faculty in person for the first time and witnessing connections being made was truly a pleasure,” commented Heidi Ptack, ACA’s FACA staff liaison.

Attendees also had the chance to mingle at a cocktail social that ACA hosted the night before the symposium. Overall, attendees were very happy to connect with their faculty colleagues in person and learn from experts in the field. “I attended FACA to network with other chiropractic faculty and share our collective progress,” Dr. Schilaty shared.

About FACA

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