Armchair Advocates Can Make a Difference

In March, hundreds of doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic students from across the country met with their members of Congress on Capitol Hill during the National Chiropractic Leadership Conference’s (NCLC) 2017 Advocacy Day to educate and advocate in support of a host of topics important to the profession.

Among the issues that required action are the full integration of services provided by doctors of chiropractic in the Veterans Affairs health care system; restoring the application of federal antitrust and competition laws to the business of health insurance; and opening the National Health Service Corps to DCs, who have been arbitrarily prevented from participating in the program.

The in-person meetings by ACA grassroots volunteers during NCLC are one of the the greatest opportunities we have to make our voice heard on the Hill. While it would be fantastic for all ACA members to attend NCLC, this is simply impossible.

However, even if you couldn’t participate in this exciting day in person, you can still support your colleagues and make a statement on behalf of chiropractic by calling or sending a message to your congressman through our Chiropractic Action Center, where you also can learn more about the issues we promoted at NCLC. Just find your senator or representative’s information in the system and voice your support of pro-chiropractic legislation with a few clicks of a button.

By taking this simple, yet vital step, you will amplify the message delivered by your colleagues here in Washington, D.C., and help prompt members of Congress to act on the many issues advocated for during NCLC.

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Jack Dusik is senior director of federal government relations at the American Chiropractic Association.