American Chiropractic Association Endorses bellicon® Fitness Trampoline

Arlington, Va.– The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has endorsed the bellicon® Classic, Premium, Plus and Basic Bungee Mini-Trampoline/Rebounder. The product was reviewed and approved by ACA for its customizable and safety features, which distinguish it from similar products in the marketplace. It is the first fitness product to earn an ACA endorsement.

Launched in 1995, in Cologne, Germany, the bellicon exercise trampoline replaces traditional metal springs with a patented design that features custom-formulated bungee cords for suspension.

In its evaluation, ACA noted that the bellicon mini-trampoline is unique in that it is the only exercise trampoline whose suspension comes in a variety of resistance strengths so that every customer can enjoy a performance that’s ideal for their weight and fitness level. This variability also enables people to adapt the product to suit health problems, including those involving alignment, proprioception, muscular imbalances, lymphatic circulation, bone density and more. The product is larger and sturdier than other mini-trampolines, which enhances stability, user-friendliness and comfort.

“The American Chiropractic Association is pleased to endorse quality products such as the bellicon® fitness trampoline, which features an innovative design and variability that enhances performance as well as safety for users,” said ACA President Robert C. Jones, DC.

“We at bellicon are very proud that our product has been so helpful to so many people, especially those who are most in need of care,” said bellicon USA CEO Philipp von Kunhardt. “We are grateful for the ACA endorsement and hope that it inspires even more people to enjoy all of the health and fitness benefits that the bellicon has to offer.”

An ACA endorsement is given to products that are of the highest quality after thorough review, analysis, testing and evaluation by a review board of doctors of chiropractic with specific and related expertise and final approval from ACA’s Board of Governors. Products are reviewed regularly to ensure they continue to meet the high standards on which the endorsement was approved. To learn more about the endorsement, visit


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About bellicon®

The unique design, unmatched quality, and superior performance of the bellicon fitness trampoline have made it the industry standard of excellence for over twenty years. Our patented bungee suspension has been engineered to maximize fitness and health benefits while using a low-impact performance that’s gentle on your body. To learn more about what the remarkable bellicon fitness trampoline can do for you, visit us at