American Chiropractic Association

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is the largest professional chiropractic organization in the United States. ACA attracts the most principled and accomplished chiropractors, who understand that it takes more to be called an ACA chiropractor.

We are leading our profession in the most constructive and far-reaching ways — by working hand in hand with other health care professionals, by lobbying for pro-chiropractic legislation and policies, by supporting meaningful research and by using that research to inform our treatment practices.

We also provide professional and educational opportunities for all our members and are committed to being a positive and unifying force for the practice of modern chiropractic.

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Our Mission

To inspire and empower our members to elevate the health and wellness of their communities.

Our Vision

The American Chiropractic Association is leading a modern movement of chiropractic care based on higher standards and a focus on patient outcomes.

Our Values

We model excellence in patient-centered, evidence-based care.

We serve our patients in the interest of public health.

We participate in the health care community through collaboration and integration.

We strive for excellence both personally and professionally.

Our Promise

To make accountability, to members and to the public, a priority. To abide by standards that provide higher quality care and consistency for patients. To embrace a collaborative approach and inclusive attitude that moves the organization, and the profession, forward.

ACA Statement on Diversity

Diversity encompasses, without limitation, race, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, nationality, age, disability, socioeconomic status, and marital or parental status.

A key component in addressing diversity and inclusion is cultural agility. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) acknowledges cultural agility as a foundation for competent healthcare delivery to improve patient outcomes and engage in public health initiatives. ACA defines cultural agility as having enhanced skills and knowledge of the needs of a multicultural society and requiring a commitment to inclusion that begins with broader concepts of diversity.

With greater cultural agility and a commitment to diversity, ACA can bring varied perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, talents and interests to its membership and the profession at large. ACA recognizes that achieving diversity goals and implementing inclusion strategies will be an evolutionary process which requires a continued renewal of commitment to diversity and opportunities for inclusion. ACA has organized and will continue to offer initiatives to facilitate these efforts recognizing that truly effective diversity work is never finished.

Ratified by the ACA House of Delegates in 2018.