March 20, 2019

This is a Special Fraud Alert from the American Chiropractic Association (“ACA”).

  1. Fraudulent Certification and Membership Programs– The ACA has been informed of certain foreign organizations, including a program in Taiwan identifying itself as theWorld Federation of Spine Health Medicine Associations, that are conducting programs which seek to “certify” individuals as ACA members and thereby confer upon them the right to practice chiropractic. Such false ACA membership certification programs are fraudulent and pose a serious risk to the patient population. The ACA encourages regulatory agencies in those affected nations to take action against these fraudulent and dangerous programs.
  2. Misrepresentation of the ACA International Membership Credential–The ACA is concerned that its legitimate international membership credential is being confused with false or counterfeit ACA membership credentials issued by fraudulent organizations in order to misinform the public and governmental agencies. The ACA warns against any representation that ACA membership alone confirms or otherwise “certifies” that an individual possesses adequate education and training to practice chiropractic.Such a representation is fraudulent and poses a serious risk to the patient population. The ACA encourages regulatory agencies to take action against any individual making such a false representation or making a false claim of ACA membership. Inquiries as to ACA membership status may be submitted to: [email protected].

Questions or information pertaining to this special fraud alert may be submitted to: [email protected].