Rehabilitation for Lower Extremity Tendinopathies

Michael Braccio, DC DACRB, was always interested in treating sports injuries when he launched his career in chiropractic. He has had the opportunity over the years to assist athletes of all levels at events such as the National Senior Games, the Ironman Kona Championship, the U.S. Half Marathon and the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. Over time, he also developed a particular interest in pain science, tendinopathies, and performance rehabilitation. Combining his field experience and clinical knowledge, Dr. Braccio will present “Lower Extremity Tendinopathy Rehab” at ACA’s annual meeting, Engage 2023.

Dr. Michael Braccio

Below, the ACA Blog learns more about Dr. Braccio and what doctors can expect from his Engage 2023 program.

How is the topic you are presenting at Engage 2022 relevant to today’s chiropractor?

As people begin to resume and increase their physical activity, chiropractors are likely to see an increase in overuse syndromes such as lower extremity tendinopathy.

What first made you interested in the topic?

I was always interested in treating sports injuries. But as I worked in private practice, I began to see more and more cases of proximal hamstring tendinopathy. And that eventually led me into treating other tendinopathies.

What practical knowledge or skills can attendees take away from your presentation?

I will cover the rehabilitation of the most common lower extremity tendinopathies: achilles, patellar, proximal hamstring and gluteal. This presentation is primarily a hands-on walk-through of the exercise programs, so that attendees will be able to create and demonstrate an exercise program for their patients with acute and persistent tendinopathy.

How will what attendees take away make them better doctors?

Having a solid understanding of tendinopathy rehabilitation will enable doctors who attend my program to be confident in providing an evidence-based treatment and improving their clinical outcomes. Additionally, the rehab principles I share can be applied to other lower extremity overuse conditions.

What benefits do you gain from attending ACA Engage?

The best thing about attending Engage is being able to network with all the leaders in the profession from all over the country!

Want to learn more? Plan to attend Dr. Braccio’s presentation at Engage 2023. Click here to view the ACA Engage schedule and all that the program has to offer. Click here for conference details and to register!