Dr. Cliff Tao: How to Navigate Through Spine and MSK MRI

Dr. Cliff Tao

Chiropractic radiologist Cliff Tao, DC, DACBR, specializes in the professional interpretation of spine and musculoskeletal imaging with plain film, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and computed tomography (CT). His practice in Orange County, Calif., includes second-opinion diagnostic imaging for chiropractors working on difficult cases. Drawing on his experiences, Dr. Tao will present “How to Navigate Through Spine and MSK MRI” at Engage 2023.

Below, the ACA Blog learns more about Dr. Tao and what doctors can expect from his Engage 2023 program.

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How is the topic you are presenting at Engage 2022 relevant to today’s chiropractor?

Reviewing outside imaging is challenging not only because they tend to be clinically complex cases, but the technical aspect can be a burden to your daily workflow. Knowing how to efficiently and effectively navigate through an MRI study will minimize workflow issues, give greater clarity in your clinical impression, and may even enhance clinical outcomes

What first made you interested in the topic?

We see a great need for this on a daily basis [at my practice], as we interact with various chiropractic offices in our diagnostic imaging second opinion practice. Having a good, streamlined system doesn’t have to break the bank.

What practical knowledge or skills can attendees take away from your presentation?

Attendees will be able to turn frustration with having CDs from patients with outside imaging into [an appreciation for] the most welcomed format for outside imaging. If you view imaging via an online portal, you’ll learn the most effective hanging protocols for your needs.

How will what attendees take away make them a better doctor?

Having a well-oiled, streamlined system enables you to more thoroughly review your patients’ MRIs. It gives you, and even your patients, greater confidence.

What benefits do you gain from attending ACA Engage?

It is always a joy to learn the latest in chiropractic, but also to re-connect with colleagues, and meet new ones.

Want to learn more? Plan to attend Dr. Tao’s presentation at Engage 2023. Click here to view the ACA Engage schedule and all that the program has to offer. Click here for conference details and to register!