Preventive Services Toolkit

Preventive Services Toolkit

Doctors of chiropractic have long been thought of as wellness practitioners. Considering the increased demand for preventive services, the development of new codes to report these services, and the ability of DCs to perform them, ACA developed this resource to assist doctors of chiropractic (DCs) in properly coding and billing these services. 

The Preventive Services Toolkit includes:

  • Clinical Examples of each code’s use to help you understand how to document each service, 
  • ACA/CPT recommendations on the proper use of the codes in question and when it is and is not appropriate to use them.
  • Resources compiled from various organizations to better understand the delivery of preventive services.
  • Patient education handouts.

Notice: Before billing or performing Preventive Services, ACA strongly recommends that you check with your board of licensure to ensure you are licensed to perform these services and the insurer to be certain the services are covered when performed by a doctor of chiropractic. 

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