SACA Presents Ric Bruns
Dr. Richard Bruns 


Dr. Richard M. Bruns has had an extensive career with 35 years of service to his state and national organizations advancing the professions cultural authority and laws pertaining to the practice of chiropractic in the field.  He is a champion of chiropractic physicians as direct access, portal of entry providers treating patients in the condition-based model with a conservative, patient-focused and integrated approach.  He also prides himself on building his practice by networking and integrating into the community and gaining the respect of the healthcare community and in the patient population in his area.  He has also served as chairman of a major health data organization and in advancing quality through establishing an interdisciplinary approach to the evaluation of data and outcomes.  He has served as chairman of the board of the American Chiropractic Association and Governor of District 4.  He has been past president of his state organization.  He has served and similar capacities in community organizations.  He is the recipient of Chiropractor of the Year twice in the state of Maine and has received numerous leadership awards throughout his career. 

Key Speaking Topics: How to ethically promote your practice and grow your brand in your community.
How data and research affect your practice.
How to be part of a team and eventually lead the team.
How to manage the responsibilities of being a doctor and pay back your school loans at the same time.

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