SACA Presents Keith Overland
Dr. Keith Overland 


Dr. Keith Overland is available for speaking engagements at chiropractic colleges through the SACA presents program. Dr. Overland has been in Practice for 35 years in Norwalk CT. His practice is focused on the care of Athletes and the physically active patient population. He was honored to serve as the attending chiropractor for the NY Mets baseball team, the US Olympic speed skating team, and the CT state Olympic style games. He also served on the sports medical team for many international and national college and high school athletic events. With regards to his service to the profession, Dr. Overland served on the ACA board of governors for ten years and was the president of the American Chiropractic Association from 2011-2014. He led the organization and profession through the "Obama care legislative process" culminating in the strongest anti provider discrimination law in our federal statutes.  He also served as Chairman of the ACA PAC and is currently the chairman of the prestigious ACA legislative committee. Currently, Dr. Overland is focused on enacting changes to many Federal health laws to allow more of the services provided by Doctors of Chiropractic to or seniors under Medicare, to our soldiers in the dept. of Defense and our veterans who have bravely fought for our country. 

Key Speaking Topics: Building a Successful Integrated Chiropractic Practice 

Sports Chiropractic: The Past, the Present and the Future

The Role of you National Chiropractic Association and How You Can Make a Difference 

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