SACA Presents Jonathan Parham
Dr. Jonathan Parham 



Dr. Jonathan Parham is a 2016 graduate of Palmer West. During his time as a student he served in many roles in SACA including chapter legislative representative, PAC chair, and finally as the National Legislative Vice Chair. Dr. Parham practices in Federal Way, Washington at NW Sports Rehab as an associate of Dr. Jim Kurtz, team chiropractor for the Seattle Seahawks, focusing primarily on sports injuries and integrated rehabilitation. He currently serves on the ACA Political Action Committee as well as is the Chairperson for the NextGenACA Leadership Committee(formerly Millennial Think Tank) and is the former Secretary of the Nevada Chiropractic Association. His focus is on engaging new leadership and fostering their growth within the ACA and beyond.

Key Speaking Topics: Leadership Development - "Staying involved after graduation" 

Transitioning from Student to Doctor - "The Questions I wish I had asked" 

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