Meet the Speakers

Meet the Speakers

If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker to come out to your campus, check out our list of approved speakers below. Click on the speaker name to view their bio and additional speaking topics.


Dr. Leo Bronston

Key Topics: Chiropractic in Public Health, Integration models, Professional Leadership 


Dr. Robert Jones

Key Topics:  Professional Leadership in Chiropractic and the Community 


Dr. Keith Overland

Key Topics: Building a Successful Integrated Chiropractic Practice, Sports Chiropractic, the Past, thePresent and the Future 


Dr. Don White

Key Topics: Student Survival Guide: How to make the most of student life while staying engaged. Transitioning from student to doctor.



Dr. Liz Moos

Key Topics: Integrative Care, Sideline Chiropractic, Chiropractic and Athletic Performance


Dr. Katie Rangel

Key Topics: hospital based chiropractic care, networking, interprofessional collaboration, and staying involved after graduation 


Dr. Richard Bruns 

Key Topics:  Data, research and your practice, How to manage being a doctor and pay back student loans.


Dr. Bryan Kent 

Key Topics: Making the most of your time in Chiropractic school. Professional leadership. Transitioning from student to clinician. Creating your professional network.


Dr. Jonathan Parham

Key Topics: Leadership Development "Staying involved after gradutaion", Transitioning from student to doctor. 



Dr. William "Beau" Foshee

Key Topics: Diversity, Early Career Leadership, Student Leadership


Dr. Leslie Reece

Key Topics: Sports and Rehibilitation, Working with athletes with disabilities 


Dr. Anthony Hamm

Key Topics: Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Healthcare Quality, The Future of Chiropractic


Dr. Karen Konarski-Hart

Key Topics: Chiropractic in Public Health, Professional Leadership, Interprofessional Opportunities  


Dr. Mike Simone

Key Topics: Managing a Practice on a Shoe-string Budget, Community Leadership 


Dr. Stephen Laski

Key Topics: World Spine Care, Professional Leadership, Finding Your Passion


Dr. Holly Tucker

Key Topics: Wellness Advocacy on a Community Health Level 


Dr. Heidi Henson Dunlap 

Key Topics: How to Make a Difference As A Young Professional, Best Practices in Owning A Multidisciplinary Practice


Dr. Michele Maiers

Key Topics: Professional Leadership, Chiropractic Research, Public Health and Healthcare Policy

HS_SP_Tuck (2)

Dr. Ray Tuck

Key Topics: Clinical Practice Emphasizing Team-Based Approach to Patient Care, Practicing in Today's New Care Models, Professional Leadership



Dr. Dana Madigan

Key Topics: Research, Public Health, Atypical Career Paths 


Dr. Nakiesha Pearson

Fostering Diversity in Chiropractic Medicine: Expanding Our Reach to Diverse Communities. Surviving Graduate School: Self-care Strategies