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Treating Veterans Through the Department of Veterans Affairs

Doctors of chiropractic may treat veterans through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Non-VA Care Coordination (NVCC) program, which ensures veterans receive effective, efficient non-VA care in a seamless manner by improving referral processes and consistency in documenting, tracking and coordinating patients in local health facilities.

What is Non-VA Care?

Non-VA care, also known as purchased or fee care, is health care provided within the community to eligible veterans when VA facilities cannot provide needed care. All VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) can use this program when needed. The local VAMC, in accordance with federal laws containing eligibility criteria and other policies specifying when and how it can be used, determine whether non-VA care may be used.

Non-VA Care Authorization

In general, veterans seeking health care at VA expense should be treated at a VAMC. If VA facilities/services are not available, VA may purchase needed care. Non-VA care requires preauthorization for treatment and granted under specific circumstances, such as lack of available specialists, wait times longer than 30 days, or burdensome travel from the veteran's home.

Once non-VA care is authorized, veterans may seek treatment from a provider in their community through two programs administered through the NVCC program. The first of these programs is the Patient Centered Community Care Program (PC3). The second is the Veterans Choice Program (VCP).

Patient-Centered Community Care Program (PC3)

The PC3 program provides eligible veterans access to care through a comprehensive network of community-based providers and augments VA ability to provide specialty inpatient and outpatient health care services to veterans. Under PC3, VA has contracted with Health Net and TriWest, which have developed networks of providers to deliver the covered care, including services provided by chiropractors.  The goal is to ensure veterans receive care from qualified community providers that is timely and accessible, while honoring veterans’ preferences. Learn more about the PC3 program here

Veterans Choice Program (VCP)

The VCP allows veterans to seek care outside of VA if they face wait times longer than 30 days or in situations where a VA medical facility is not easily accessible from their home. VA issued a Veterans Choice Card to every veteran enrolled for care with VA to obtain health care in the community wherein they are eligible for VCP. The VCP supplements other treatment options already available and is designed to improve wait times and access to health care. It does not impact existing VA health care or any other VA benefit. Learn more about the VCP here.

How to Get Started

Providers interested in participating must establish a contract with one of the contractors providing the chiropractic benefit (Health Net Federal or TriWest Healthcare Alliance), which will in turn coordinate care with a PCCC network chiropractor.

All Patient Centered Community Care providers are automatically eligible to participate in the Veterans Choice Program; however, providers do not need to join PC3 to participate in the VCP.

To learn more and to determine your eligibility to participate, and how to enroll, visit the VA Veterans Choice Program page for providers here.