Cervical Arterial Dissection

Cervical Arterial Dissection 

There is an ongoing interest in the association between cervical manipulation and the incidence of cervical arterial dissection (CAD) followed by stroke.  Historically, opinion rather than fact has often dominated discussions on this topic, even though the incidence of stroke associated with cervical manipulation is very rare and there is a lack of evidence to prove that cervical adjustments cause stroke. ACA is sensitive to the public’s concerns surrounding this complex issue, and is offering the following resources to help doctors of chiropractic disseminate accurate information to patients, health care colleagues and the media.

ACA encourages doctors of chiropractic to speak to patients about the benefits and risks associated with any treatment plan they may recommend, as well as benefits and risks associated with other treatments their patients may consider. Review ACA’s policy on informed consent  for guidance on fostering shared decision making with patients. (For more information on informed consent, click here.)  

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