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Case Reviews: 7 Tips for Solving Unresponsive Problems

While the majority of musculoskeletal cases respond quickly and favorably to conservative care, some conditions are less cooperative. When a patient is not meeting outcome goals, evidence-based chiropractors must be willing to abandon their familiar recipe, and “do something different.” In a value-based healthcare model, there’s a vast difference between merely treating someone vs. delivering best practices. The essential step for improving clinical outcomes is to provide the most effective care for every patient on every visit—including those cases that challenge us.

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‘Stop the Bleed’: A Nationwide Call to Action

Recent history has shown that those at the scene of an accident or a mass-casualty event can play a vital role in saving lives until first responders arrive, but for some the thought of stepping in during a crisis is intimidating. Karen Konarski-Hart, DC, found herself in several situations years ago and resolved to become better skilled. Today, as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), she is involved extensively in disaster relief efforts and promoting the value of a new campaign, Stop the Bleed, designed to teach the public simple steps that can save the life of someone experiencing heavy bleeding. Learn more about this program and how chirorpactors can get involved.

Author: Sienna Shoup
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ACA and Diversity: Inclusion Through Action

At the 2018 National Chiropractic Leadership Conference (NCLC), the newly formed ACA Commission on Diversity presented its first report to attendees at the House of Delegates meeting. The commission is a task force whose function is to “help ACA achieve a deeper understanding of diversity issues in chiropractic generally and ACA specifically. The commission is charged with generating a strategic road map for ACA's Board of Governors, outlining ways ACA can become more diverse, improve the practice success of our women and minority members, serve diverse populations within the American population better, as well as other diversity issues of which ACA leadership should be aware.”

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