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Sensitization (Part 2): Management Strategies

Chronic pain symptoms can be quite different from acute pain symptoms.1 One possible reason is sensitization, a process whereby neurons become more responsive to pain signals and/or translate non-painful stimuli into pain. Part 1 of this series described general neuro-adaptive processes leading to sensitization and clinical diagnostic criteria. Here in Part 2, management strategies for persons with sensitization are described.

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A Tale of Two Dentists

Reflections on Choosing Wisely During a Trip to the Dentist

Meeting over coffee recently, Drs. Christine Goertz and Michele Maiers discovered that each had recently been to the dentist. After comparing notes, they agreed that their dentists were both professional, friendly, conducted a thorough patient history, and performed an appropriate examination. Then both dentists wanted to take intraoral X-rays as part of the examination process. Armed with the evidence and knowledge about current American Dental Association (ADA) guidelines, the chiropractors declined the X-rays, based primarily upon concerns about unnecessary exposure to radiation and cost. From that point on, their experiences became very different.

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