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It’s National Chiropractic Health Month: Let’s Get Started!

This year, National Chiropractic Health Month focuses on how improved musculoskeletal health leads to strength, stability and ultimately the success of a life lived more fully and actively. The 2019 campaign, “Strength. Stability. Success.”, offers the public steps to take toward bone, muscle and joint health, low back pain prevention, better posture, and improved balance. In this blog post, ACA offers chiropractors steps to take to launch their local NCHM campaign participation.

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Research Review: Low-level Laser for Neck Pain vs. Randomised Placebo

When searching for low-risk, cost-effective modalities possessing the ability to aid practitioners in the treatment of non-complicated musculoskeletal complaints, research must lead the way. Often, we see the newest and the latest technology or apparatus put forth as the cure for everything we have been waiting for. Low-level laser (LLLT) has, on the surface, the appearance of the latest and greatest apparatus. But what research is out there backing up claims commonly seen with low-level laser marketing in the healthcare field?

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