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Q&A with Engage 2020 Presenters: Dr. Donald R. Murphy

Doctors of chiropractic have an opportunity to play a new, innovative role in the healthcare system.  This new role, the Primary Spine Practitioner, necessitates the establishment of a clear identity and an easily understood means of communicating chiropractic’s value to others in health care. Never has there been a greater need for an efficient, evidence-based clinical approach that enhances our credibility, maximizes our skills and allows us to apply the highest level of excellence in patient care.

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Gallup Event Explores Non-drug Approaches to Pain

It’s pretty difficult to open up a newspaper these days without seeing an article on the devastating public health impact of the opioid epidemic in the United States. While there appears to be general agreement on the scope of the problem, there is less consensus regarding what can be done to solve it. Policy-makers and professional associations taking on this challenge have tended to focus on mortality statistics and/or expert opinion. These are obviously critically important pieces of the puzzle but it is also important to take a patient-centered approach. To facilitate discussion on this important topic, Gallup held a research release event on Sept. 12 in Washington, D.C., titled “Addressing the Opioid Epidemic With Drug-Free Pain Management.”
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