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Response to Pain in a Global Pandemic

How the Miami VA Medical Center Chiropractic Department implemented policies to provide essential services to veterans in need.

Over the past several months healthcare professionals, public health workers, and citizens have been working (mostly) together to implement new policies and changes to healthcare delivery that will create a safe environment for patient populations and healthcare employees alike. These limitations have prevented many with musculoskeletal pain, a condition affecting millions, from receiving treatment services. The suspension, delay, or discontinuation of these services can, unfortunately, produce undesirable consequences including increased pain, depression, and disability. Auspiciously, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has implemented policies to help mitigate these unfavorable consequences and provide safe, effective, and essential chiropractic services throughout this global pandemic.

Author: Casey Rogers
Article rating: 5.0

Experience Is Everything: VA Clerkship Helped Me to Clarify My Career Path

With all the career options available for today’s chiropractic students, how does one narrow the field and identify the right path? That question weighed heavily on Keiser University student Casey Rogers…until his clerkship at the Miami Veterans Affairs (VA) health system. That’s where Rogers discovered not only an appreciation for treating the deserving men and women who have served our  country, but also his passion for the VA's multidisciplinary, team-based approach to care. 

Author: Casey Rogers
Article rating: 4.2

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