Instrument-Assisted Adjusting in Chiropractic

Thursday, January 19, 2017

DC2017: 7 Questions for Dr. Arlan Fuhr

The upcoming DC2017 conference in Washington, D.C., is packed with great educational content and world-class presenters. Here we pose 7 questions to one of the featured speakers:  

1. What's your name and the name of your presentation at DC2017? 

My name is Dr. Arlan Fuhr, and my presentation is “Instrument-Assisted Adjusting," which is available under the "Technique" track.

2. What makes you an authority on this subject?

I am the chairman and founder of Activator Methods International. My authority comes from being the inventor of the Activator Method and Activator Instruments. I also have 27 published peer-review papers.

3. Why should doctors of chiropractic be interested in learning more about your topic?

I believe chiropractors will be interested in my presentation because there is an increase in safety and effectiveness with light-force instrument adjusting, especially in the geriatric and pediatric population.

4. How can the information you share in your presentation directly help chiropractors in practice?

By attending my presentation, they will be able to go back on Monday morning and adjust an acute low back and osteoarthritic neck in a geriatric patient.

5. What about you or your presentation may surprise people?

The data I will present, and how practical the application is, may surprise people.

6. What's one thing you learned during your career that you wished you would have known from the beginning?

Where to find a subluxation. When to adjust a subluxation.  When to quit adjusting a patient.

7. What book should every chiropractor read, and why?

The Activator Methods ( 2nd Edition): It discusses the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique from basic scan protocols to advanced assessment procedures.

To learn more about the wide variety of education programs and speakers featured at DC2017 in March, visit To view Q&As with other DC2017 speakers, click here.

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