ACA Today: Not the Same as Yesterday

Nearly two years ago, ACA embarked on a new journey – a branding initiative – to better understand how we can relate to and remain relevant to members now and in the future. We hired a well known branding consultant who reached out to members, non-members, other health care providers and a variety of stakeholders to ask what ACA means to them. After more than 30 hours of interviews, hundreds of survey responses and volumes of research, our consultant’s recommendations were presented to ACA’s Board of Governors last year on how best to redefine our brand. The results were a wake-up call, to say the least. While some of the information uncovered was expected, other findings and comments were uncomfortable to hear. But we had to hear them. 

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DC2017: 7 Questions for Dr. Jennifer Brocker and Dr. Elise Hewitt

Our names are Drs. Jenny Brocker and Elise Hewitt, and our presentation is titled: “Can Impacting Spinal Health Affect Pediatric Well Being? A Look at the Evidence.”
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