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Joining the Big League: Chiropractic and Professional Baseball

Professional baseball organizations have come a long way in providing chiropractic to their players. Chiropractic care has been a vital component of helping many of the biggest stars in Major League Baseball (MLB) to play and avoid injuries, but also enhance their performance throughout the long and tedious MLB season. Currently, 28 teams in the MLB utilize chiropractic services at home during the season as well as during spring training. Not only do the large majority of MLB teams recognize chiropractic, but many teams in Minor League Baseball (MiLB) do, as well. 
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A POLITE Method for Proprioception

When a patient’s symptoms overwhelm me, I have a system that I developed and that I can count on. I use the acronym POLITE as a reminder of the things I may need to discuss, check or perform with my patient.

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