Research Review: Manipulation and Mobilization for Treating Chronic Low Back Pain: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Spinal manipulation and mobilization for the treatment of back and neck pain have been the topic of several systematic reviews, with some suggesting that the evidence in support of the view that spinal manipulative therapy is superior to other standard treatments for chronic low back pain is sparse. On the other hand, more recent systematic reviews have reported that spinal manipulation and mobilization are “viable” options for treating pain. Despite this degree of variability among studies, manipulation and mobilization are still considered to be effective treatments when compared with other therapies. The purpose of this systematic review was to unravel these differences and inconsistent findings. 

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A Typical Week at the St. Louis VA Medical Center

Part of a series on the chiropractic residency program in the VA health care system

I’ve had more than a handful of family and friends ask me, “What’s it like working for the VA in St Louis?” and my response is always the same—“It’s great!”  I usually then proceed to give them a rundown of what a typical week looks like as my activities vary from day to day and sometimes from month to month.  An average week is broken down into four different segments: outpatient clinic, interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation (IPR) program, scholarly activities, and clinical rotations. The majority of my time is spent in clinic helping veterans manage their pain and develop healthy habits for self-care. However, the time spent outside the clinic has also been beneficial for personal development and education.

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