10 Tips for Building Professional Relationships

Part of a series on the chiropractic residency program in the VA health care system

Whether your desire is to work in private practice or in an integrated setting such as a hospital, working with other health care providers is critical in the management of patient health and wellness. No one professional has all the answers and no one type of treatment will work for all people. Therefore, building professional relationships will help you to create a network for referral and to receive insight or feedback on specific patient conditions.  The following 10 tips will outline ways to cultivate these relationships, gain the trust of other providers and secure your place in the community health system.

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DC2017: 7 Questions for Erin Crotty

My name is Erin Crotty, and I am the founder and director of BloomStra Consulting based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My presentation is “Networking Savvy:  How to Become a Master Relationship Builder.”
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