Post Election Report 2018

"Election Night Defied a Single Takeaway"

"People like to understand things. It’s an earnest and charming quality of the human race. We like to flip to the back of the book to look at the answers. We like it when there’s a tidy way to summarize things. One or two takeaways, please. It’s why Aesop’s fables continue to do so well."

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Federal Tax Bill Contains Language Pertinent to DCs, Chiropractic Students

*Member-Exclusive Content* The federal tax bill approved by Congress today—and on its way now to the president's desk for his signature—contains several provisions that may affect chiropractic clinics and chiropractic students. Among the massive rework of the federal tax code is language that deals with “pass through” business tax, student loans and changes to the Affordable Care Act.

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National Medicare Equality Petition FAQs

Time for Change: National Medicare Equality Petition

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