Don’t Just Inspire; Ignite the Passion to Participate

The key to effective leadership is to speak to people’s “why.” For example, if you tell someone to attend NCLC, they will undoubtedly ask you for the details of the event. Normal. But the thought process doesn’t end there for them. Once you give them the “what” and “how” of the trip, they will filter this information through their “why” and determine if it is something worth doing...Leadership isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. Meaning, you will encounter people at all stages of willingness to engage and explore more, but it is your job to find them there.

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NCLC: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

"It's the most wonderful time of the year...." As it is fast approaching, you might think of Christmas, or even Thanksgiving, when you hear this phrase, but I am referring to the National Chiropractic Leadership Conference (NCLC)! There is simply no other event like it. NCLC 2018 will be my 5th NCLC and my second as a doctor, and it truly is my favorite time of the year! I consider it an honor to attend this event and I have met some of my closest friends while attending. I’d like to share my insights into the event and my take on its’ importance.

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Women in Chiropractic: Viewers Questions Answered

*Member-Exclusive Content* ACA’s first Facebook Live discussion, “Women in Chiropractic,” has been viewed by more than 5,000 people to date. The discussion explored the opportunities and challenges that women encounter in the chiropractic profession and celebrated the unique approach and perspectives that they bring to patient care. Viewers were invited to submit questions during the broadcast, and following are answers from moderator Christine Goertz, DC, and featured guests Sarah Potthoff, DC, and Keita Vanterpool, DC.

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DC2017: 7 Questions for Erin Crotty

My name is Erin Crotty, and I am the founder and director of BloomStra Consulting based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. My presentation is “Networking Savvy:  How to Become a Master Relationship Builder.”
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