What I Wish My Commencement Speaker Had Told Me 30 Years Ago

It's been 30 years since ACA senior scientific advisor Christine Goertz, DC, graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University. As she prepared to give the commencement address to the NWHSU class of 2018 this spring, Dr. Goertz couldn't recall the words of wisdom from her own commencement day...but, looking back, she knew exactly what she wished someone would have advised her as she embarked on her career in chiropractic. Read her Top 10 list of recommendations for this year's new graduates.
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Q&A with NCLC 2018 Presenters: Dr. Kevin Sharp

Practice compliance and success are not diametrically opposed!

After serving as the president of the North Carolina Chiropractic Association, Kevin Sharp, DC, a presenter at NCLC2018, realized that many of the chiropractors in his state lacked a clear understanding of how to effectively code and manage the business side of their practices. Since then, he has devoted himself to teaching thousands of doctors and their staff how to effectively code, document and be compliant in their practices in a way that motivates them. "When you can break down the barriers of this aspect of what we do, doctors can free themselves up to focus on patient care," he writes. "In addition, I show doctors how a compliant practice can be profitable—which many think is diametrically opposed! You can run a compliant practice and make it profitable at the same time."  
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Meet ACA’s President - David Herd, DC

Conversation with a Member

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