National Medicare Equality Petition FAQs

National Medicare Equality Petition FAQs

Time for Change: National Medicare Equality Petition

Author: John Falardeau/Friday, January 8, 2016/Categories: September 2015

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The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) has launched a national petition to generate support for expanded access to chiropractic services for Medicare beneficiaries.

Doctors of chiropractic (DCs) nationwide are being urged to have their patients sign the petition and join ACA’s grassroots legislative movement. DCs will be encouraged to share the petition via their social media channels, generating even more support. The goal is to show Congress that a groundswell of chiropractic patients and supporters wish to see seniors get the conservative care they need to stay healthy, mobile and pain free. 

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the campaign.

Q: Why the term “Petition?” 
A: “Petition” signifies a focus on a certain subject or cause.  The issue here is Medicare and how chiropractic patients can have full access to Medicare covered services provided by doctors of chiropractic.  We have found that there is a favorable acceptance of this term, especially in social media circles and individuals are wont to more easily lend their support behind an issue that is targeted and focused. 

Q: How can DCs enlist individuals for the National Medicare Equality Petition?
A: DCs will be sent material, through e-mail, where they can contact their patients, family, and friends, to join the Petition, primarily through a link contained in the e-mail.  Individuals will click on the link and provide name, e-mail address and zip code.  That information will then be transmitted to, and collected by, the ACA home office.  There will also be a form for individuals to sign up via a paper form, but it is envisioned that most information will be collected electronically.

Q: What will ACA do with the names we collect?
A: Names and other information will of course be protected and not sold or shared with a third party.  Individuals who join the Petition will be sent, on a to-be-determined basis, Action Alerts designed to contact their House and Senate members advocating for unimpeded chiropractic inclusion in Medicare.

Q; When will this campaign commence?
A: Work on the campaign will commence upon Board approval, with the preparation of electronic and print materials.  The actual launch of the campaign will be in October, 2015.

Q: Some of my patients do not have an email address, can they still participate?
A: Of course! Patients, friends and family who do not have an email address can fill out the paper patient form and the DC can deliver that via fax or mail to the address at the bottom of the form.  ACA will then deliver these forms to Capitol Hill.

Q: Are only Medicare patients able to participate?
A: No.  We are encouraging anyone of voting age to participate in the campaign.  We all know a senior or Medicare-eligible patient, so participating will benefit your friends and loved ones as well.

Q: The paper form seems bulky at three pages.  Why is this so?
A: We’re aware of what seems to be an overwhelming amount of information on the paper form; however, we are bound by HIPAA rules.

Q: Why is the doctor’s name on the bottom of the paper form?
A: This is to track responses by doctors’ offices.  It is not possible to do this electronically, but we would like to track DC participation where possible.

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