NCLC 2019 Conference Daily: Saturday, Jan. 19

NCLC 2019 Conference Daily: Saturday, Jan. 19

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Today's News in Brief

A Final Message from the ACA President

In his final address of the conference, ACA President N. Ray Tuck, Jr., DC, thanked attendees for their participation, noting that it is “paramount” to the future of chiropracticHe touched on the positive work the ACA House of Delegates completed yesterday, which included a deliberative session on issues important to the future of chiropractic as well as elections that resulted in a new leadership teamDr. Tuck commended the internal efforts of ACA that have led the association to financial stability and member growth. Finally, he praised ACA’s vast network of volunteers, whose work has strengthened the association and positioned it to achieve even greater success. “ACA is set up for a positive future,” he said. In closing, Dr. Tuck invited everyone to return to Washington, D.C., next year for ACA’s annual meeting -- ACA Engage 2020 (see story below).  

Chiropractic Invicta: Fighting the Battles That Matter

McAndrews Leadership lecturer William Morgan, DC, rallied attendees this morning at NCLC with a battle cry to “keep your curiosity alive” and stay on top of new developments in research that not only can contribute to better patient care, but also strengthen the profession’s efforts to expand access to chiropractic services.  

“It’s a good time to be a chiropractor,” he said. “The evidence is on our side.” 

Currently serving as president of Parker University, Dr. Morgan spent many years working in the Washington, D.C., area at the National Naval Medical Center/Walter Reed Hospital, a position that enabled him to treat dignitaries in Congress and at the White House as well as military service members returning from war with devastating injuries and amputations. He recalled how the effort to make his chiropractic services available onsite were met with resistance and how the American Chiropractic Association fought to get him in and made sure that every obstacle was removed until eventually he was cleared for service.  

In recent years, chiropractic services have been bolstered by numerous studies, published in prestigious medical journals, that provide further evidence of the profession’s effectiveness at treating conditions that prescription pain medications can’t improve. Dr. Morgan pointed out that even the American Medical Association, which once opposed the practice of chiropractic, now publishes studies in its journals that support its use.  

Dr. Morgan instructed the audience to be confident in what they do, but also stay curious and on top of developments that may challenge what they think and how they practice. “You should question what is out there; science advances.” 

Turning to political strategy, Dr. Morgan noted that musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries are two areas where the chiropractic profession has made breakthroughs on a wider scale, earning recognition through supportive research and use among high-profile athletes and teams. He emphasized the need to advance this progress further rather than be distracted by other issues. He referred also to ACA as an organization that is strategic about battles that it chooses to fight on behalf of the profession.

“I know from talking to members of Congress, ACA is the only show in town,” he said.

Chiropractor of the Year and Other Awards Presented

ACA was proud to present its 2019 Annual Awards to deserving individuals in recognition of their exceptional service, achievement and/or leadership within the chiropractic profession. 

The ACA’s highest honor, Chiropractor of the Year, was presented to N. Ray Tuck, Jr., DC, of Christiansburg, Va., who has served as the association’s president over the past year. Dr. Tuck was the first person to serve in the role as president under the association’s new governance structure. He excelled in continuing ACA’s important work to advance and integrate chiropractic through collaboration and evidence-based, patient-centered care.    

Humanitarian of the Year Award was presented to Ian Coulter, PhD, of Santa Monica, Calif., for his excellence, leadership and dedication as a researcher, mentor and collaborator, as well as for his focus on improving patient-centered, evidence-based care in chiropractic. 

Academician of the Year Award was presented to Robert Vining, DCof Davenport, Iowa, associate professor and senior research clinician at the Palmer Center for Chiropractic Research, for his numerous publications and outstanding work in the field of chiropractic research, musculoskeletal diagnosis and translating research evidence into clinical practice. 

And finally, Researcher of the Year Award was presented to J. David Cassidy, DC, PhD, DrMedSc, of Saskatoon, Canada, for his innovation and excellence in the research of injury epidemiology, neurotrauma, musculoskeletal disorders and evidence-based health care and policy. 

Welcome New GAC Members!

Eight members of ACA upgraded to a Governors Advisory Cabinet (GAC) membership at NCLC. Special thanks to:

  • Scott Bautch, DC, DABCOH (Council President, Occupational Health)
  • Christopher Dolecki, DC (Michigan Delegate)
  • Andrew J. Klein, DC
  • Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, PhD (Vice President)
  • Scott A. Mooring, DC (Minnesota Delegate)
  • Gina Wolf, DC (Washington Delegate)
  • Mark Balderston, DC (Kansas Delegate)
  • Louis Crivelli, DC (Maryland Delegate)


See You at ACA Engage 2020!

ACA would like to thank you for your attendance and participation at NCLC 2019! Please check your email tomorrow for a brief feedback survey. Save the date:

ACA Engage 2020 will take place Jan. 29 – Feb. 1, 2020. We hope to see you there!


See you at Engage 2020! 





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