Making a Mark: Always on the Move

Making a Mark: Always on the Move

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By Amanda Donohue

DC wins national cycling championship

On May 26, Eric Marcotte, DC, who practices in Scottsdale, Ariz., became the new national road champion after claiming first place in the 2014 Volkswagen USA Cycling’s Professional Road Championship in Chattanooga, Tenn. While most cyclists make cycling their full-time career, Dr. Marcotte continues his chiropractic career and treats patients at the Scottsdale clinic, Endurance Chiropractic. Chiropractic has educated Dr. Marcotte on the importance of being physically fit and active and also eating a diet that is full of natural and unprocessed foods. When in need of recovery after strenuous training, Dr. Marcotte uses chiropractic to help his body heal. His success as a newcomer in the cycling world shows his commitment to living an optimal life.

When did you start your cycling career? What motivated you?

I began cycling while attending chiropractic college at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis. Previously, I would have considered myself a gym rat, slapping on layers of muscles from hitting the gym. While attending chiropractic school, I began to see a deeper understanding and meaning of what a healthy balanced lifestyle is. So in turn, I began to explore the endurance aspect of activities and picked up running and swimming throughout the fall and winter. In the spring, I purchased a road bike and fell in love with the ride. From there, with my competitive nature, I wanted to see what I was capable of doing.

Why did you pursue a career in chiropractic?

Ironically, I was enrolled at University of Michigan for pharmacy school prior to chiropractic school. Throughout undergraduate, I loved all the sciences, especially human physiology. I also got into organic chemistry, likely to prove to myself I could be the top student in a very hard course. I picked it up really well and found myself in the research lab helping my professor with the beginning reactions to synthesize superconductors. So pharmaceutical engineering was where I was headed. As school began, I had a moment where I stopped and listened to my heart and asked myself, 'Is this really what I want to do with my life? Is this fulfilling?' The answer was no. So I went back to what I loved, and in doing so, I felt fulfilled in having that knowledge and in knowing the skills that I would acquire and share would have the power to help others live their lives fully.

How do you make time for training and for seeing patients?

Like anything that is important, you make time for it. So I schedule training and patient hours accordingly to achieve the physical training stimulus that is necessary to compete at the highest level. I must also be meticulous about my body recovering from the regular damage that is done from training, which, of course, includes regular chiropractic care.

How do you incorporate your chiropractic knowledge into your own health regimen?

DCs are so very well-educated and trained on how the body functions optimally, as well as what is needed for a healthy balanced environment: I'd be a fool to not just implement everything that I know and understand.

How do you spend your time away from cycling and from chiropractic?

There is very little time not training, traveling, practicing and recovering. When there is a break in the action, I do find myself outdoors with my dog, likely hiking as well as enjoying some photography. In addition, I catch up with friends and family as much as I can, because the demands of my schedule really limit time with loved ones.

What hopes do you have for the future of the chiropractic profession?

My hope, and vision for why I am doing this, is that I can create that awareness of what is possible to achieve and experience in your life when applying the principles of a chiropractic lifestyle. Not necessarily at a competitive level, but how being healthy, balanced and functioning optimally will allow you to be your best to serve your family, friends and community with all you can.

Eric Marcotte, DC, rides for SmartStop Pro Cycling. Send suggestions for future member profiles to

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