NCLC Pure and Simple

NCLC Pure and Simple

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Author: Richard Bruns, DC/Thursday, February 4, 2016/Categories: April 2015

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By Dr. Richard Bruns

 I am writing this article a few days after the 2015 National Chiropractic Leadership Conference (NCLC) and reflecting on the success of the week. NCLC 2015 had record attendance and vendor participation. The number of visits to Capitol Hill was up dramatically. The message that chiropractic physicians are part of the solution to improve health and lower costs was heard loud and clear.

The growth of NCLC makes it one of the must attend events of the year for anyone who desires to move the profession forward, establish fair and equal treatment of our patients and to protect our profession. Preparation for next year has already begun.

Feedback on the continuing education portion of the event has been fantastic and next year’s offerings continue to grow. The inaugural McAndrews lecture presented by Scott Haldeman DC, MD, PhD, was fantastic, stimulating great conversations about the bright future of the profession.

The takeaway from the event was simple; that the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is working with other organizations both inside and outside the profession. We are steadily moving the profession toward recognition as capable physicians able to perform history and examination, establish a diagnosis and to develop a treatment plan to treat human ailments in a condition based evidence-informed world.

There are no secret agendas or plans to expand beyond what we are currently trained, competent and licensed to provide. Reimbursement and direct access for our current scope of practices is the number one priority.

Integration of chiropractic services into multidisciplinary settings will bring improved access for our patients and a greater appreciation of the conservative health care that the contemporary chiropractic model offers. We must continue to fight for direct access for our patients and parity in reimbursement with other physician-level providers.

We need everyone holding a chiropractic degree in the United States to put aside their differences and join the effort in order to succeed. $50 per month from each chiropractic physician in this country will accomplish these goals. The ACA has a strategy and a plan to succeed. This directly involves you as a chiropractic professional, because we cannot move quickly enough or compete efficiently enough with other health professions without funding from you. Think of it as taking your profession and your patients out to lunch once a month and paying forward for the greater good.

Let us take control of our own future and the future of health in America. You know and have always known what we need to do. ACA requests your membership dollars now to move your profession into the next decade. We all must continue to go to Washington and to really make some noise again on Capitol Hill. Together anything is possible.

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