ACA Shines a Light on Emergent Leader Potential

ACA Shines a Light on Emergent Leader Potential

Author: Carly Yaeger, DC/Wednesday, February 3, 2016/Categories: May 2015

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By Carly Yaeger, DC 

NEW DOCTORS OF CHIROPRACTIC are a great asset to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), but many of their talents have been an untapped resource for the past several years. Both ACA and the Student ACA (SACA) identified a need to keep recently graduated doctors involved with the professional national association, especially if they had been involved in SACA as students. A resolution passed by both ACA and SACA within the past year created an opportunity for young doctors to connect with leaders of ACA. The Leadership Apprentice and Mentor Program (LAMP) facilitates these contacts and relationships.

The new apprentice position allows doctors within the first five years after graduation to be mentored by ACA leaders. These mentors can be state delegates, alternate delegates, committee chairs or specialty council presidents. The partnership between the mentor and the apprentice is meant to give the mentor assistance with responsibilities and the apprentice knowledge in return about ACA structure and bylaws. From this collaboration, ACA can groom the future leaders of the profession.

To be an apprentice and participate in the program, there are some requirements. The new doctor must be within five years of graduation, an ACA member in good standing and willing to pledge to complete the delegate training program. Some restrictions are placed on the mentors. If they are state delegates or alternate delegates, their apprentice must be from their home state. If they are committee chairs or specialty council presidents, there is no restriction on who can be their apprentice. The mentor and apprentice must then complete an agreement for at least one year and set goals. The term for an apprenticeship is one year, with a maximum of three years.

Getting started as a part of LAMP is easy; just contact the delegate, alternate delegate, committee chair or specialty council president you are interested in having as your mentor. Once a mentor and apprentice have set goals and are committed to working together, an Apprentice Application and Agreement should be filled out online at If you would like to have an apprentice or aren’t sure who to ask to be your mentor, contact SACA committee chairs Dr. Michele Maiers or Dr. Heidi Henson. If you have any questions, want more details or need access to the apprenticeship agreement, please visit the LAMP web page at

Carly Yaeger, DC is Former SACA Chapter President, NWHSU.

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