Catching Up with ACA President Dr. Robert C. Jones

Robert C. Jones, DC, has been busy since January assuming his new duties as ACA president, and eager to keep the progress moving on ACA’s priorities. The son of two chiropractors, a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, and a strong proponent of evidence-informed practice and integration, he brings to ACA’s helm a respect for chiropractic’s history combined with an appreciation of what it takes to practice successfully in modern health care. ACA Blogs caught up Dr. Jones recently to ask him a few questions.

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Techniques as a Treatment for Healthcare Provider Burnout

Burnout syndrome has been defined as a three-dimensional syndrome characterized by exhaustion, cynicism and inefficiency. It has also been described as the opposite to engagement, which is defined as energy, involvement and efficacy.  One aspect of inefficiency may be a sense of low personal accomplishment – an area often examined in studies on healthcare provider burnout. In her latest ACA Blogs post, VA resident Danielle Aslan, DC, explores how mindfulness-based stress reduction utilized in the VA for patients with chronic pain may also aid healthcare providers.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Research Update

With up to 10% of the population suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), it’s important to keep up with new information about this disabling condition. A significant amount of new data has been published in the past quarter about the management of CTS. This ACA Blogs post by Tim Bertelsman, DC, will equip evidence-based chiropractors with a quick summary of the 10 most significant findings.

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Your Headshot: Worth a Thousand Searches

Today we hear a lot about sharing – on social media, in chat rooms, at networking events, etc. For American Chiropractic Association (ACA) members, sharing is also a good thing to do in your ACA online profile. The more the better, in fact! By adding additional features and information to your profile – especially a headshot – you can make your listing standout and more likely to attract new patients.

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Guidelines on Disaster Service for DCs Provides Useful Information to Volunteers

The American Chiropractic Association’s Policy Quality Review Committee (PQRC) has been performing an extensive review of all ACA policies.  The public-facing policy center on the website is also in the process of being reorganized and will be available soon.  As part of the review, the "Disaster Scene - Primary Care Providers" policy was ratified by the House of Delegates in January and reassigned as the "Guidelines for Disaster Service by Doctors of Chiropractic." The guideline provides useful information, including basic skills needed, to those who have an interest in volunteer work with emergency preparedness or disaster response teams and proposes a sample plan for how ACA and state associations might work together during a local crisis response.

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